Using Your Highliner Trailer

You have decided on the style and capacity of trailer. Now you need to set it up for your boat.

As a general rule of thumb, that set up is as follows:

Load Boat on Trailer

Load boat on trailer and locate winch assembly so that on a bunk trailer the bunks extend to the transom, and on a roller trailer there is no more than about 6″ of hull beyond the centre of the end roller.


Remember that on most boats the majority of weight is near the stern so it needs good support in that area to avoid deforming the boat bottom. The winch should be adjusted such that the roller or stop on the winch assembly is just above the boat bow-eye.

Adjust Trailer for Boat

Next, examine the trailer supports where they contact the boat hull. They should be adjusted to accept weight evenly over the hull length, and not contact any hull lifting strakes, through hull fittings etc. Use the adjustment provided on the trailer to make the corrections.

Adjust Hitch Weight

The final step is to ensure that hitch weight is within the proper parameters. This adjustment is done by moving the axles forward or backward. This should be done with the boat off the trailer.